Perdition Lost

Perdition Lost

When the Devil abdicates the throne of Hell the netherworld is thrown into disarray.

It's not surprising that many of the damned try to use the chaos to try and escape the smoldering cauldrons of damnation, but Pete's best friend is a demon, so he succeeds where many others fail. Once back on Earth he wants nothing more than go track down his old friends, family and lovers and resume his old life.

Unfortunately for him, the conflict below is boiling over and it's only a matter of time before Pete and his best friend Dante get pulled back into the infernal war. The Devil's chosen successor isn't popular with the legions of Hell. The Angel of Death has gone mad. Baba Yaga is planning something, though nobody is completely certain what she's planning.

On their quest to restore order to the discord of hell they meet a variety of angels, demons, alchemists, eldritch abominations and a variety of figures from European mythology.

Can Dante and Pete calm the looming conflict?

Or will all Hell break loose?

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I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for "Perdition Lost". It was my first work of significant length. I worked on it for a year or so when I was nineteen to twenty. That incarnation was... ugly... But how can you blame a nineteen year old for that?

It plays to all the things that I was interested in at that age—surprisingly not girls and video games. No. It's a surreal and startlingly upbeat story about demons, mythology and Hell, and how religious faith fits into the modern day (in my estimation... poorly).

It sat on my various hard-drives for a very long time indeed. Every three or four years I'd pick it up... be horrified by it's contents, and then chug through and edit it very thoroughly. A few chunks were added (The most recent edit saw me adding tons of jokes to the beginning section in Hell) but for the most part I've been shaving it down for a decade.

The current version has been dramatically edited by twenty-three yar old me, twenty-six year old me and finally twenty-nine year old me. The end result still hits my buttons and after a decade of work I think I'm finally ready for people other than my friends to see it.

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—Joey Peters 2014