Moonlit Massacres

Moonlit Massacres

Max knows he has a monster deep inside himself. He can control it most of the time—fight the depraved and nightmarish hungers—but on the night of the full moon he can't help but give in to his dark desires and he is consumed by his lycanthropic nature.

After assaulting the home of a drug lord Max discovers that he's not the only monster out there. Soon, Max is pulled into a gang war between a vampire and a mysterious sorcerer. They try to use his best friend Rose as leverage—but she has a secret of her own.

Can Max and Rose calm the discordant devils inside themselves?

Can they quiet the conflict between Iron Vlad and Doctor Limba before it boils over?

Or will they be consumed by their bestial desires and live a life of moonlit massacres?

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This is my second novel. It's easily the darkest thing I've ever written. I did my best to make the monsters in the book actually horrible—that's something that's lost all too often in modern "paranormal" books.

Whoops. Tee hee. Just drank a little blood there! :D

I wanted to get back to basics and get away from all that. Even so, it's got a fair ammount of my trademark weirdness (most specifically in how the werewolf curse works versus the vampire virus).


* * *

—Joey Peters 2014