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Starship Victory: The Last Boy on Earth

The first episode of the Starship Victory saga, The Last Boy on Earth is available as a free preview in the following formats:

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#1. The Last Boy on Earth

The Last Boy on Earth

Ensign Brahma is the newest member to join the Starship Victory on her mission of peaceful exploration. The crew is nice enough, but he still feels isolated from them because, while the rest of the crew come from just about every species and culture in the galaxy, humans, Gamar, the Symphony of Life, Sparta and more, they are all still limited corporeal beings and Brahma is a space god. Perhaps his abilities and insights can help the Victory on her latest mission...

The Starship Victory is en route to check the technology level of a primitive world on the outskirts of the Galactic Union, but finds only a burned out cinder. A strange energy signature emanates from the planet below. Can the Victory face down whatever strange force destroyed this planet?

Also along for the ride are Engineering Chief Golem, a neurotic alcoholic android, Security Chief Kylie Hayes, who is tough as a neutron star, and the Executive Officer Elorg, a man from a race of musical cyborgs. Can the crew of the Victory discover the shocking secret behind the graveyard world below them?

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